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I live in Mannheim, Germany, and spend most of my time working as independent consultant specialised in helping my customers getting the most out of the Oracle database. I spend my free time with my family, and if time allows for it, I enjoy myself pursuing my hobbies.
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My services

My name is "Randolf Geist" (registration required to view a user's profile), member of the OakTable NetworkOracle ACE Director and contributor to the official worldwide Oracle (tm) OTN Forum, in particular the "Database - SQL and PL/SQL" and "Database - General" discussion forums.

I can be hired on short notice for short-term assignments regarding performance issues of your Oracle database system.

For your considerations I recommend checking my blog and my contributions to the OTN forums.

For inquiries you can contact me on . If you like to, your request could already include a quick summary of the issues you're facing so that I can tell you if my service can be of any help. I usually attempt to respond within one working day.


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